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Category Archives: Mid-range safaris

family friendly safaris

Family-Friendly Safaris

Embarking on a safari adventure with your family can be a truly magical experience. Not only is it an opportunity to witness the wonders of nature up close and personal, but it also creates unforgetta...

5-Day Mid-Range Safari at Tshukudu Game Lodge

Knap Tours offers you the opportunity to enjoy a 5-day safari at a unique price. Tshukudu Game Lodge is a perfect combination of comfort and luxury in the heart of the Big Five territory. The reser...

7-Day Mid-Range Safari at Tshukudu Game Lodge

Tshukudu Game Lodge offers the best possible 7-day safari experience. It has the most beautiful scenery, the brightest skies and the best game viewing. Bordering the Kruger National Park, it has becom...
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